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Craftsman of digital experiences — full stack developer & tinkerer


Car Locator

React Native app to help manage where your car is parked

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Heartbeats Radio App

Electron-powered React & Redux desktop app that improves the listening experience

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Intimacy Mediated by Technology

Bachelor thesis on creating a communication device for sharing intimacy over distance

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The Slacktivistic Polar Bear

Uni project exploring how slacktivism can be visualised - tweets alone does not keep our polar bears alive.
NodeJS powered by Express and SocketIO.

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A dozen half-finished side projects

Haven't we all been there? Here's a few:

  • A Laravel Lumen + React (with Redux) wiki platform for sharing team knowledge

  • A Slackbot for matching a table soccer team at the office - first person runs /start_match, everyone can join until full team is found

  • A React Native "WTF should I watch" app syncing movies from Kodi library - like Tinder for your movies

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